Shara Kay Diamond is an Alaskan based artist. She works as a full time tattoo artist at The Hole Look in Anchorage, Alaska. In her spare time Shara creates new paintings and illustrations to be displayed and sold in local art exhibitions. She is passionate about being active in the art community.

She is Tlingit, unangan (aleut) and a member of the unga tribe. her mom is sharon kay, world renown aleut basket weaver. shara is grateful to  her mom for her strong encouragements in pursuing her dream to become an artist.

The mediums that she creates with are pen & ink, graphite, charcoal, color pencil as well as acrylic and water color paints. 

"The inspiration for my art comes from my love of nature (birds and reptiles in specific), the unknown and search for truth. Every drawing is done with extensive research."